About me

I am a writer and journalist based in Florence, Italy. Born and raised in Mississippi, I’ve been calling Italy (another) home for seven years now, and enjoy the strangely complementary missions of sharing the best of my adoptive city and country and debunking the myth of the dolce vita. 

I’m currently entering a new chapter as a freelance writer and cultural features journalist after a long stint in a deputy editorial role at The FlorentineFlorence’s primary media outlet in English. At TF I regularly wrote featuresprofiles and interviews, enterprise news reportspersonal essays, event roundups, and practical guides to local life geared at English speakers. Beyond TF, I co-authored the eighth edition of guidebook Time Out: Florence and have been a frequent guest speaker for university programs and writers’ groups in Florence. In 2018, I was awarded the Premio Famiglia Fiducia fellowship to pursue my M.A. in Italian Studies at Middlebury College’s School in Italy, where my thesis explored how the legacy of Florentine journalist Oriana Fallaci has impacted public discussion of the construction of mosques in Florence and greater Tuscany.

Culture and the arts, travel, fashion, and religion are the beats where my background is strongest. All things Florence are fair game, but I am not a one-trick-Tuscan pony; I treat all subjects, familiar or new, with a spirit of inquiry and generosity. To commission me, please email verymarygray@gmail.com.


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Photo credit: @MarcoBadiani