Consulting + Speaking


I am an adjunct lecturer for several undergraduate study abroad programs in Florence, designing and running storytelling-centered courses in fashion media/journalism and travel writing. I regularly guest-lecture in communication-focused classes around Florence and love the energy and fresh perspectives of university students; I’ve also participated in numerous panels on you-name-the-topic. (Love a panel). If you’re a teacher/school administrator, writers’ group director, or a club (cult?) leader looking for an ENFP type to inject some new liveliness into your roster of guest lecturers, let’s talk!



Traveling to Florence for the first time (or the fifteenth)? Want to talk things through ahead of time with someone on the ground? I offer tailored consulting sessions through the just-launched online platform Well Traveled, which aims to bring travelers the perspective of a friend-of-a-friend living in their destination city. It’s kickback-free, fun, and a fantastic alternative to stress-scrolling through forums on a site that rhymes with CripSurpriser – promise. Book a session here – you can request me or browse through other consultants in the lineup to find your perfect match.



As a fixer-for-hire, I love lending a hand (and a bilingual ear!) to international television and film crews who need assistance from someone who knows the lay of the land, the language, and *just* the person to call in a pinch. Contact me about your project and how I can make your time in Florence easier!