Clips and projects

The Florentine

A love letter to Italian bar food, March 2019.

Performance anxiety: the gap between “blue-chip” artists and Florence’s performers-next-door, October 2018.

The fiaccherai of Florence, July 2018.

Dancing days are here again, June 2018.

The players: a calcio storico portrait, May 2018.

The maverick’s ministry, May 2018.

Breakfast in Tuscany, March 2018.

A step inside the Antico Setificio Fiorentino, December 2017.

Village frenemies (for TF’s neighborhood special on San Niccolò), September 2017.

The Returners, April 2017.

Feeding frenzy, March 2017.

The anti-Anna Maria Luisa, February 2017.

Help Desk One, October 2016.

Floren-Tinder, February 2016.

Recurring TF columns

Rental Diaries, since May 2017.

Streetsmart, since January 2015.

Interviews / Profiles

Back to the drawing board: Casey Kauffman and Alessandro Cassigoli, February 2019.

Izzeddin Elzir: unmasking the mosque, September 2018.

Janine Gaëlle Dieudji, September 2017.

Tim Daish, October 2016.

John Currin, June 2016.

Jan Fabre, May 2016.

The perpetual student: Danilo Venturi, December 2017.

Sharon Oddson, November 2014.

TF editing work


I edited issue 250 of The Florentine. In addition to a lively mix of local and regional news, long-read features, interviews and exhibition reviews, this milestone issue included a practical and entertaining 9-page insert on pets. (Pet special PDF for sale here.)

Other publications


Time Out Florence city guidebook (images shared with permission), 2017 UK edition.


TimeOut_Florence_MaryGray_CreditsPage-1 2.jpg

Spending Two Perfect Days in FlorenceForbes Travel Guide, February 2016.

Iridium Spa at the St. Regis FlorenceForbes Travel Guide, February 2016.

Relais Santa Croce: Classic Tuscan luxury in FlorenceForbes Travel Guide, February 2016.

Video work

I’ve managed the editorial content (interview questions, voiceovers) and filming practicalities (press accreditations, venue permit acquisitions, team logistics) for videos produced by The Florentine, both for our own channels (occasionally) and for those of external clients (weekly.)

A few words with Fabio Zaffagnini of the Rockin’ 1000, June 2018.

Medici: Masters of Florence makes its debut, October 2016.